It Wasn’t Much of a Party

The days pass slower
As the nights grow colder,
Winter brought me loss.
And we have been trapped for so long.
West, they said had the answers,
West, my husband said we would start over,
So West we went
And the storm brewed alongside.
The snowfall came early to Sierra Nevada.
I remember how it felt
When the lethal flecks stung
While melting against my chapped cheeks,
I remember when I could feel.
Rations are low
And the flesh is tempting.
My husband is so weak,
As he edges death all I can think is
What a waste of meat.
If we are rescued
We will be ghost travelers,
Hiding our shame
Accepting our blame.
But we were hungry,
And the Donner brothers failed us in navigation.
If I succumb,
If I feast,
I will never forget.
Forever on my haunted breath
Will linger the scent of roasted skin.
Lord help us now,
Forgive us for our sin.