“The Quarantine Blues”

I’m losing my mind,
It’s day ten of being at home and I’m feeling unkind.
I bought so many snacks and sweets,
Now all that’s left are wrappers in between my sheets.
I’ve gained twenty pounds,
Truly, I need to lay off the fudge rounds.
My cat wishes I would leave him alone,
But he doesn’t understand that he’s my only social source besides the phone.
The grocery shelves are empty but that’s okay,
I guess I didn’t need to eat to live anyway.
I can go for a walk outside which is fun,
But nobody will so much as smile at me while they run.
I can’t imagine the days where people could hug
Because now all I can offer is perhaps a passing shrug.
I can finally watch all the movies that are hot,
Not to mention secretly binge the reality-shows that are not.
I’m starting to think my house is haunted,
But maybe that’s because my mind is now taunted
With paranoia that stems from too much time to think,
I believe my mental stability is beginning to sink.
My grandma tried to virtually teach me to knit,

But far too soon I tossed in the needle and quit.
I miss time with friends and even going to work,
But honestly admitting that makes me feel like a dork.
My homemade hand-sanitizer gave me chemical burns,
I’m starting to wonder if my Pinterest attempts call for concerns.
I use to want to travel and see the world,
Now I just need to see anything besides a rabid squirrel.
I may have to give up on meeting a good guy for now,
To be real that probably wasn’t going to happen anyhow.
My mom told me I should clean so I told her my home had been dusted,
One good thing is she can’t come check because then I’d be busted.
I do feel good knowing I’m making people safer,
Every day I pray those affected begin to feel a bit braver.
It’s important that they fight because their lives truly matter;
It’s good to keep perspective amid all the worried chatter.
We’re showing that people can actually come together,
Even if it means staying cooped up during the beautiful spring weather.
It hurts to think it may be this way for much longer,
But hopefully this will make the world a whole lot stronger.