Five Reasons Why Microfiber Make-Up Pads Will Be the Switch You Will Never Want to Ditch

Image by Curly Monkey

Every night, the average gal brushes her teeth, combs her hair, and removes her makeup. Whether it is a smoky eye or a well-defined contour, she always reaches for her trusty wipes. The soothing ones with an aroma that resembles soft sprigs of lavender. Her mascara is thick and her eyeshadow caked on, so she has to reach for another and even one more before finally scrubbing all of the product from her face. Then she throws the three used wipes away, and goes to bed, never to think of them again. That girl used to be me. Why did I have a change of heart? I started applying the same philosophy as I do to others to the Earth: Treat it like you want to be treated. I do not want to be filled with junk, so why am I forcing that on the planet? Switching to reusable microfiber pads has not only accomplished the same task in a more eco-friendly way but in a more effective one as well. 

  1. Single-Use Wipes Are Here to Stay (Literally)

Tossing makeup wipes into the garbage pail might put them out of mind, but just because they are out of sight, does not mean they have ceased to exist. Landfills are these wipes next destination, where they pile high and refuse to break down. 

  1. A Clean Sea is Key

The idea that flushing wipes down the toilet helps to eliminate waste is another misconception shared by yours truly. Turns out these wipes are quite stubborn, they will not even let water break them down. Hateful, right? So as a result, water plant workers must remove the wipes from sewage and then send them to a landfill. Not only is this a roundabout way of sending them to the same exact place, but it also makes somebody’s job more unpleasant. Unfortunately, this is actually the best-case scenario. If not caught, these products will pollute the ocean, endangering our precious marine life. They do not trash our home, so why infiltrate theirs? That’s just bad manners. 

  1. This Switch Will Make You Rich(er)

Moisturizer this, hair serum that, being a girl is expensive. I avoid totaling up the amount of cash I spend on beauty products each year because, well I want to sleep at night. Makeup wipes are no exception to this. One of the world’s leading beauty brands sells a pack of twenty-five single-use wipes for $8.99. That does not sound too bad until you learn that Odoxia sells a pack of fifteen reusable pads for only $7.99 on Amazon. Each pad is good for well over twenty-five uses, so multiplied by fifteen, the savings are pretty epic. On a side note, though some generic-brands of makeup wipes might be budget-friendly, they leave you with a rash that is also pretty epic.

  1. Cleaning is a Breeze

Seriously, easy as pie! The microfiber material may feel soft, but do not let that fool you, it is plenty durable. Doing a load of laundry? Toss one on in! Most packs come with several pads, so it’s convenient to grab a new one in the meantime. Just wanting a mild cleanse in between washes? A little scrub with some water and a facial cleanser should do the trick!

  1. They Straight Up Work Better

I am the first to say I was a skeptic. I mean how can a dunk in water truly empower these pads to clean your entire face? Well, the microfiber material works like a magnet! It attracts all of those pesty makeup particles, so your face is left residue-free. It does hurt that they feel as soft as a cloud either. For me, a huge downside of traditional make-up wipes was the damage from over-scrubbing. My eyes would often end up feeling raw and swollen. The microfiber material works to break-down product quickly, eliminating the need for insistent wiping. P.S. If you are struggling with some very effective water-proof mascara, throw a little micellar water on the pad.

This Change is Worth a Happy Earth

A switch like this is effortless and helps the world we live on become a cleaner, healthier place while promoting a cleaner, healthier face!