“You know, you’re a little complicated after all.”

“Oh no,” she assured him hastily. “No, I’m not really – I’m just a – I’m just a whole lot of different simple people.”

-F. Scott Fitzgerald (Tender is the Night)

Photo by: Amber Cather Photography

A writer, a reader, and a Caroline. I am a 21-year old author from the mountains of Blue Ridge, GA specializing in Young Adult and Transgressive Fiction. I write to keep my head from exploding. It’s a little crowded up here. My writing is embedded with dark comedy and witty wordplay. I believe in raw content accented with sharp technique. The most important thing for me as an author is that my sense of humor, warped and inappropriate, comes across. I always want a piece of me to be in my work, though it is fiction. As a reader, I love quirky, and thought evoking. My favorite authors include F. Scott Fitzgerald, Gillian Flynn, and Bret Easton Ellis. My favorite book is American Psycho, if that says anything about me.

As a Caroline, I’m just a complex girl destined to forever spill food on herself. I am an avid dark tourist, meaning I like to take advantage of morose attractions. Some of my recent visits include The Museum of Death, Edgar Allan Poe’s gravesite, and the abducted children from Disney’s “It’s a Small World Ride.” Apart from traveling, I am a cat-loving, true-crime junkie who adores her family and eating ice cream for breakfast. Want to know a little more about me (Caroline C. Cole)? Head over to my “Writings” page for a full insight into how I write, read, and operate. My novel, Synthetic Sanity, will be released on February 26, 2019. It is my debut book and is a YA coming-of-age story about June Wilson, an overlooked girl spending her summer between high school and college interning at a mental asylum. Will she find love? Will she get over a past tragedy? Or will she herself start to go crazy? Who knows! Check out the full synopsis under my “Novels” page and be on the look out for updates!