Who am I as a Caroline?

Hi y’all! As you know I am Caroline C. Cole. You can call me Carol, Care, Carl, Coral, TripleC, whatever floats your boat! Also known to family and friends as “the sweetest psycho you’ll ever meet,” my writing is embedded with dark comedy and witty wordplay. I believe in raw content accented with sharp technique. Apart from writing, I am a factitious goofball. I’m pretty skilled at dropping various food items down my shirt. I rarely pay over $10 for an article of clothing because it will be stained in a day. Along with spilling perishables, I have a knack for demolishing conversations with a disturbing joke or fact that I find to be fun! A senior at Clayton State University, I am pursuing a B.A. in English with a Minor in Psychology. I am an avid dark tourist, meaning I love to take advantage of twisted attractions. Some of my favorite expeditions have been The Museum of Death, the grave site of Edgar Allan Poe, and the abducted children of Disney’s “It’s a Small World Ride.” I have included some pictures below. I am also a cat-loving, crime junkie inhaling information through documentaries and books on anything, and everything, from serial killers to cults to cannibalism. On the flip side, I adore my family, craft beer, and eating ice cream for breakfast. I appreciate anyone who takes the time to read my blog; have a wonderful day!

Baltimore, MD. December 2018.
St. Augustine, FL. August 2018.
New Orleans, LA. March 2018.
Columbine, CO. May 2017. (Future Blog Post)
Boulder, CO. May 2017. (My Search For Jonbenet From CO to GA: Future Blog Post)

Washington, D.C. December 2018 (Future Blog Post)