Synopsis for Synthetic Sanity

The following is a Synopsis for my debut novel, Synthetic Sanity. It is dark-comedy, coming-of-age, YA fiction now available on in Kindle and paperback format

Have you ever noticed that Mental Asylums are going out of style?! Well fear no more, Synthetic Sanity has got you covered. June Wilson is a snarky eighteen-year old girl spending her summer interning at Maze Estates, a mental institution located in Alabama. Her family only sees her as a reflection of her deceased sister, which drives June to pursue a fresh start; even if it might be a little crazy. With the help of fellow intern, Evan and PTSD patient Randall, June is pushed to put aside her comedic suppression and finally face her sister’s tragic death as well as come to terms with the all-consuming epidemic that is insanity. Prepare for laughter, heartbreak, and startling twists as you join June in navigating through a haze of sarcasm and tragedy to find out what exactly defines that line between off-beat and too out there to function.